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07 agosto 2005

The art of travel (6)

«John Ruskin was born in London in February 1819. (...) From his interest in beauty and in its possession, Ruskin arrived at five central conclusions. Firstly, that beauty is the result of a complex number of factors that affect the mind psychologically and visually. Secondly, that humans have an innate tendency to respond to beauty and to desire to possess it. Thirdly, that there are many lower expressions of this desire for possession, including the desire to buy souvernirs and carpets, to carve one's name in pillars and to take photographs. Fourthly, that there is only one way to possess beauty properly and that is through understanding it, through making ourselves conscious of the factors (psychological and visual) that are responsible for it. And lastly, that the most effective way of pursuing this conscious understanding is by attempting to describe beautiful places through art, through writing or drawing them, irrespective of whether we happen to have any talent for doing so.»


  • ie, a unica forma de possuir beleza é criá-la ou recriá-la?

    (ie, fazer passá.la pelo nosso canal interno que liga os olhos ao cérebro, às mãos)


    By Blogger ana, at 12:21 da tarde  

  • Sim, é isso. Também gostei muito desta passagem.

    Acho que estando muito consciente do acto da "escrita" nunca tinha pensado quer no "desenhar" quer mesmo no acto da escrita enquanto essencial para a compreensão da "beleza". LIgava-o sobretudo às ideias. OU seja, aprendi qq coisa :)

    By Blogger T. M., at 12:23 da tarde  

  • lá está... cultura! :-)

    By Blogger ana, at 12:25 da tarde  

  • ...e de forma divertida! Sobretudo porque estava a apanhar SOl e fiquei com um escaldão terrível! (Espero que a minha mãe não leia isto). :D

    By Blogger T. M., at 12:27 da tarde  

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